Create Your Bucket List at Any Age

Man is a goal seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals. Aristotle

Ah… the idea of a “bucket list.” The bucket list no longer signifies the end, but rather the beginning of something beautiful. As we grow, our interests change. Our hopes and dreams change. What was important once is no more and vice versa.

Just because we age DOESN’T mean we should stop doing things that bring excitement into our lives, make us step out of our comfort zone or make us question what we’ve learned throughout our lives.

Just because we age DOESN’T mean we have nothing left to achieve.

Just because we age DOESN’T mean there is nothing left to do.

If you or a loved one start feeling that time is creeping up on you, fear not! Create a bucket list, get to work, and accomplish what you’ve always wanted to!

So, why should you have a bucket list? To keep yourself on track and motivated. To keep your mind and body happy and healthy. To give yourself personal memories and stories to tell others.

The most important thing to note is, like life (and your interests), your bucket list should be ever-evolving. You can always add to it and delete from it as you see fit.

Bucket List Ideas for 55+

– Grab a friend or loved one and take a road trip to the states you’ve never visited.
– Research and capture your family tree, then pass it down and share with your younger family members.
– Learn a new language… you don’t have to become fluent.
(Did you know that studies show that learning a new language helps delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia?!)
– Make someone less fortunate smile
– Adopt a senior pet (several assisted living communities gladly accept pets!)
– Travel to the city you were born in. Reminisce about your history and the memories you’ve made.
– Reconnect with old friends
– Take up a new hobby
– Perfect a complicated dish or craft… even if it takes you 10 times!
– See a ballet or show in your area
– Have a picnic in the park
– Stay up to watch a meteor shower
– Learn a dance
– Create a new family tradition
– Get a degree
– Try a new food
– Start a memory jar

Remember that you are only as old as you feel! Creating a bucket list can help you find ways to enhance your life and create lasting memories. It’s never too late to start! Need more bucket list ideas? Click here for inspiration.

Looking for a community where you can check some of those bucket list items off your list? Contact INALA today and let us be your guide to finding the next step in life’s journey.