About us

About Us

Indiana Assisted Living Association’s (INALA) mission is to promote the interests of the assisted living industry in Indiana and to enhance the quality of life for the population it serves.

The Indiana Assisted Living Association believes assisted living brings a housing option to seniors which offers quality housing and caring assistance in the least prescriptive manner, provided by individuals with the highest professional standards. The Association encourages a residential environment that enhances social interaction and promotes the quality of life.

INALA’s Purpose


To provide an organization in which assisted living providers can unite, exchange information and interact with peers.


To be the leading recognized source of information, education and advocacy for the industry.


To encourage and promote the development of high standards for the assisted living industry.


To provide an organization in which assisted living providers can unite, exchange information and interact with peers.


To assist provider members by addressing issues and challenges as they arise in this emerging industry.

Public Education

To raise public awareness and knowledge about assisted living.


To respond promptly, responsibly and confidentially to each provider member, consumer of assisted living services

To accomplish this, INALA


How does Indiana Assisted Living Association serve you and your community?

For decades, INALA has served the public through acting as a teacher, mentor and advocate of assisted living facilities. At the end of 2015, we renewed our focus on meeting the needs of seniors.

While continuing to serve and advocate for assisted living facilities, INALA launched a new website, equipped with a search tool to find facilities near your location, including the amenities and price range you desire.

The new site also offers a cost calculator, a glossary of terms you may encounter while searching for an assisted living facility, as well as resources and information to help you make an educated decision while choosing your or your family member’s new home.



One of Indiana Assisted Living Association’s most important functions is to advocate on behalf of members through interactions with state agencies, legislators and other government representatives.

While the legislative assembly is in session, INALA maintains a constant lobby presence at the State House. Executive Director, Dan Kenyon, monitors legislation proceedings through committee hearings, testifies before committees on issues that impact assisted living residents and providers, and meets individually with legislators to discuss policy.

INALA pays special attention to legislation that impacts health care facilities, assisted living regulations, professional licensing, corporate taxes and health care.

INALA is a State Affiliate of Argentum, formerly the Assisted Living Federation of America which works as an advocacy partner on a national level.

INALA is committed to making sure policymakers understand the impact of policy decisions on seniors receiving care and on assisted living providers.

INALA encourages you to get involved and share your thoughts, experiences, comments with your state and federal legislators. Or, if you have an issue you’d like to see addressed, please don’t hesitate to contact INALA.

Medicaid Managed Care Assisted Living Q &A’s:  Recent as of June 6th

Q:        For Assisted Living Facilities- will anything replace the Notice of Action for billing?

A:        MCEs are in the process of creating a document that will replace the NOA that are used to today, but providers will get something similar informing them of the auth verification and current services being rendered.

Q:        When billing claims- will additional coding be required for Assisted Living facilities?

A:        No, providers will bill the code and modifiers based on the service level that is referenced in the DAHCBS module.

Q:        Will Assisted Living Facilities be billing by Levels based on resident care?

A:        Yes, level 1-3 can be billed for Assisted Living Facilities depending on the modifiers used.

Q:        What are the filing limitations for billing claims?

A:        90 days for par (contracted) and non-par providers.


LeadingAge Indiana continually updates its Managed Medicaid Care webpage (which now includes AL Waiver specific materials and an updated FAQ); FSSA’s Pathways website is updated as well.